Parent Cue: November 8, 2017

Parent Cue


We are in week 2 of our series, Plot Twist

Sometimes life doesn't go how we thought it would, and there are unexpected developments along the way. Last week, we opened our series talking about when hard times hit, you can trust God.

This week, we're moving to another topic that can be a tricky plot twist to navigate: When my parents don't understand me... 

Okay, now if that sounds pretty scary to you as a parent, I hear you! 

...Are we going to create a divide between your students and you?

...Are we going to tell them, "Hey, even when your parents don't understand you, NYM gets you?" 

No. Not at all. 

At NYM, we believe God has given you as the parent the responsibility to disciple your children and raise them to love God. We want to REINFORCE that, not create a divide between you and them. So that's why we're teaching on this topic. You can read more about the content below: 

We're Teaching This: 

We all feel misunderstood sometimes, but nobody felt as misunderstood by his family as Jesus did. In Luke 2:41-51, we read about a story where Jesus teaching in the temple as a young boy. His parents, losing track of him while traveling, began to panic. When they found him, they were confused and hurt. But Jesus' response to them teaches us a lot about humility and what God thinks about honoring your parents. 

When we feel misunderstood, it can be easy for us to get frustrated, roll our eyes, and storm off. But what if there was a better way? Tonight, we want students to know that even when you feel like your parents don't understand you, God does, and he gave you your parents on purpose. 

In fact, in Ephesians 6, Paul reminds his audience of the Old Testament command to honor your father and mother & obey your parents. We're going to talk about how we can do that together as we take the pressure off of our parents & see them how God sees them. God gets you. He knows you. And he gave you your parents on purpose. 

Bottom Line: God gets you. 

Ask This

The aim of these questions is to get to know your student better and open up new lines of communication. If you already have a good communication pattern with your student, GREAT, these questions can just be for fun! 

  1. What was the high point and low point of your week?
  2. What is something new that I don't know about you? (Think: fun fact, not deep secret. Don't forget to share a fun fact about yourself as well!). 
  3. Do you feel like we are similar or different? In what ways? What are some ways we think or act the same? What are some ways we are different? 
  4. What are some areas in which you feel misunderstood? At school? From your family? 
  5. Is there anything you wish I would see differently about you? 
  6. What are some ways that we as a family can understand each other better?
  7. BONUS: What are some things we could do as a family together for fun? 

These questions might be tricky to navigate, but we think they'll be rewarding if you're willing to start these conversations with your student. We're praying for you & pulling for you!