Departure Day - High School Snow Camp

Today is the Day! 

We're heading out today! Please arrive at 4:00pm to the Irondequoit Campus (2052 Saint Paul Street) for registration and loading. 

Lots of other details were presented in THIS blog yesterday, and so if you have questions, start there! 

IF you haven't paid your remaining balance, you can do so HERE

Please Pray for us! 

This retreat involves lots of logistics, but most importantly, it involves A LOT OF STUDENTS that we want to see become better followers of Jesus. Just like in everything, our goal is to make More and Better disciples, and we've been working hard to make this retreat a weekend that would facilitate JUST THAT. But without God's help, our efforts are worthless. 

Would you pray that...

  • Our SGLs (Small Group Leaders) would have the energy to be student-focused
  • Our SGLs would have chances to have significant conversations
  • Our speaker would present God's Word clearly
  • We would have safety as we travel and play this weekend
  • God would be honored as we make More and Better disciples! 

We're honored we get to work with your kids. They're great! See you at 4pm!