Parent Cue - February 15, 2017

Parent Cue

If you have a student who is going to High School Snow Camp and you haven't paid your $50 remaining balance, you can do so HERE. Remember, arrival is 4pm on Friday to the Irondequoit Campus, and all the details you might need can be found HERE

We're Teaching This:

This week at NYM we are in week 3 of our Continuum series where we are taking a look at the big story God has been writing from the very beginning and how it shapes our worldview. 

We started with Paradise (God's original design), moved through the Fall (man's greatest mistake), and are turning the corner this week as we focus on God's Promise, focusing on the story of a man named Abraham (you can read about it in Genesis 12 and following). 

We want your student to know that God has never been satisfied with being separated from them.  And that no matter where they have been or what they have done - God's Promise is greater than their performance, and His love is always given, never earned.

The Bottom Line: God made a Promise and that changed everything. 

Ask This:

  1. What kind of a promise did God make to Abraham? 
  2. Why did God choose Abraham? 
  3. What kinds of promises has God made to us? Why did he choose to make those promises to people like us? 
  4. How does your PERFORMANCE affect God's PROMISE? 
  5. How does knowing that God's love to you is unconditional change your desire to please Him this week? 
  6. Parent: Share about a time when the reality that God's grace and promise is FAITHFUL affected your life.