Parent Cue - February 22, 2017

Parent Cue

We're Teaching This:

We're at the halfway point of our 8-week series called Continuum, where we are taking a look at the big story God has been writing from the very beginning. 

Last week, we focused on God's promise to a man named Abraham in Genesis 12, but the promise doesn't end there. Throughout history, God's people have failed to uphold their end of the bargain. The Bible is full of peaks and valleys where the Israelites (God's chosen people) keep messing up and then God intervenes and restores them, only for them to drift away again. This week, we'll be fast-tracking through an overview of the Old Testament, looking at a few key stories where God kept his promise to a group of promise breakers.

It might sound harsh to call God's people "promise-breakers," but if we are honest, they are a lot like us. We fail on our promises all the time — but there is hope. What we want your student to remember is that God is faithful, even when we are faithless. God is still working in the background to tell his story, even when we can't see what he's doing. And we'll continue to see that story play out tonight and in the coming weeks. 

The Bottom Line: God keeps his promise to promise-breakers

Ask This:

  1. What are some times you've felt close to God? What are some times you felt far away? 
  2. Have you ever broken a promise you made to God? 
  3. How does it make you feel to know that God is faithful even when we are faithless?
  4. Have you seen God keeping his promises in your life? 
  5. How can we as a family continue to trust God even when we can't see what he's doing? 
  6. Read Hebrews 12:1-2. What does this verse teach us about God's promise? 
  7. Parent: Share about a time God kept his promises to you and drew you back when you doubted him.