Parent Cue - March 15, 2017

Parent Cue

Upcoming Series: Sex and Sexuality

We warned you! Back in the Fall we mentioned that we don't shy away from tough topics, so starting in 2 weeks (March 29th) we'll be jumping into a 3 week series on Sex and Sexuality called BLURRED LINES. 

You can bank on the fact that we will be honest but appropriate and mold the content to reflect God's Word and an age-specific delivery. We'll cover things like Biblical Sexuality, pornography, lust, sex and dating, gender identity and real-life testimonies of grace and life-change from people your students look up to. 

You'll hear more about this in the coming weeks and we want to work hard to RESOURCE YOU AS A PARENT TO HAVE THESE IMPORTANT CONVERSATIONS. So stay tuned. 

We don't think kids need just a one-time "talk" about sex, but if you haven't started the life-long conversation about sex with your student yet, we'd encourage you to do so before March 29th. 

This Week, We're Teaching This:

This week at NYM, we're in our second-to-last week in Continuum. 

The entrance of Jesus onto the scene of the Bible can seem random...He's not the King everyone was expecting, He's born into a regular family, and doesn't seem to have any political aspirations... what's the deal?! Was this the plan?! 

Going back to the beginning, we're going to show that, indeed, Jesus was always the plan. Way back when the problem started in Genesis 3, God predicted that He would crush evil, but it would come at great personal cost (Genesis 3:15). So all throughout history, things have been pointing to the moment when God would solve the problem of sin, and be gravely injured in the process. 

So then Jesus comes and dies and heaven and earth hold their breath... wondering if the plan could've been thwarted by evil... AND THEN HE COMES BACK TO LIFE! Proving that he was always the plan, and the plan worked. 

Jesus is our payment-maker and our punishment-taker. Our decision this week is to TRUST HIM.. or if we already have, then to DAILY JOIN HIS STORY by living His way. 

Bottom Line: Jesus was always the plan, and the plan worked!

Ask This:

  1. What was the bottom line tonight? 
  2. Had you ever realized how far back God planned to send Jesus? 
  3. If Jesus took our punishment.. what do you think we should do in return? 
  4. Why do you think it's so important to the story that Jesus came back to life? (Possible answer: if He hadn't come back to life, all of His claims could've been bogus!)
  5. How could you join in God's story this week?