Parent Cue - April 12, 2017

Parent Cue 

Student Baptism Deadline:

Tonight is the deadline for students to indicate interest in our Student Baptism Service for June 14. If your student is considering baptism (even if they haven't made up their mind yet) they can start the process by clicking HERE and watching the videos.

Also, if you RSVP'd for our Blurred Lines Parent Event, that is tonight! If you haven't RSVP'd but you're still interested, you can click HERE for more information. You're still welcome! 

We're teaching this:

Tonight, we're having a panel of guest speakers. Each age group and gender will have their own speaker(s) that will be sharing their story, answering the questions that students submitted, and giving their perspective on how to apply God's Word in the area of purity. 

We are SO excited about this! The speakers are incredible people that we think have MUCH to share with your students. 

  • Middle School GIRLS: Lara Capuano will be speaking. she's great! 
  • Middle School GUYS: Mark Nelson and Nate Miller will be speaking
  • High School GIRLS: Courtney Dyer will be speaking
  • High School GUYS: Drew Karschner and Scott Bixby will be speaking

Ask this:

  1. What stood out to you from the person's story? 
  2. How did God use their struggles/victories in purity to shape their lives?
  3. Did you hear any advice that you thought was new/helpful? 
  4. Which questions did they answer? 
  5. What did you most appreciate about this person's perspective? 
  6. What can we do to make sure YOUR story is one that helps point others to Jesus? 
  7. Parent: Take this opportunity to remind your student that sex and sexuality is not a 1 time conversation.. it's an on-going dialogue.