Parent Cue - April 26, 2017

Parent Cue


  1. In conjunction with this series, we are offering a PARENT SEMINAR from College Assistance Plus, all about finding ways to make college affordable. If you want more information about that, just click HERE

  2. We are going to be doing a small giving Campaign for CompassCare at NYM next week. You'll hear more about it on the blog this week. (We'll be asking for a $3.33 donation from students)

We're Teaching This: 

Tonight, we're kicking off a brand new series called CHANGE - talking about money and it's affect on our everyday lives. This series will be 3 weeks long. 

We'll be launching this series by reminding students that it's really not about how many dollars they have control over, but how much control their dollars have over them. 

All of us have a tendency to confuse the words WANT and NEED, and once we do that, we become entitled, and that robs us of our ability to be content. 

In Hebrews 13:5, the Bible reminds us that we should be content with what we have - and at the end of the day, JESUS WILL ALWAYS BE with us... and JESUS + NOTHING = ENOUGH. 

Without contentment, we can't enjoy anything we have. Entitlement ROBS us of our ability to be content, thus robbing us of the joy that any possession can bring. 

Bottom Line: Contentment is the key to Enjoyment. 

Ask This:

  1. Is it easy for you to forget how much power money has in our world? Why or why not? 
  2. Where do you see the impact of money most often? 
  3. Why is it so easy to mix up NEEDS and WANTS? 
  4. What is entitlement? (Answer: Assuming that because I WANT it, I must NEED it, and someone should provide it for me)
  5. Why do you think contentment is the key to enjoyment? 
  6. But what if you never have nice things? How can you be content? (Answer: Jesus + NOTHING = Enough)
  7. Parent: Tell about a time that you chose contentment, and how that changed your perspective. 
  8. Parent, Option 2: Take a moment to admit to your student about how money sometimes controls your heart. Talk about what you could do TOGETHER to change that.