NYM Giving Project

Just a little bit of Change

We're talking about money at NYM. 

This week, we focused on CONTENTMENT, but next week we're focusing on Generosity. Among other things, we're going to learn that Jesus can make a big change, even with just a little bit of change. 

So NYM has decided to do a GIVING PROJECT for an incredible ministry in our area - CompassCare. This organization exists to erase the need for abortion by transforming women's fear into confidence. 

You can watch THIS video below, or read the information below the video for a summary. 

So here's the details - 

  • Next week, MAY 3, we are asking students to donate toward CompassCare
  • If each student brings at least $3.33, we will meet our goal of $500
  • A donor will match that $500, and we will able to donate $1,000 to CompassCare
  • This will provide Prenatal-Postnatal care (medical and counseling) for 3 women FREE OF CHARGE

That's May 3 - $3.33 - 3 Lives Impacted

And we're telling students... don't just beg your parents for this money, BE GENEROUS WITH WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU! 

We'll remind you, but your student might need a reminder too. See if maybe they want to get involved in helping us meeting this goal! Because Jesus can make a big change, even with just a little bit of change.