Resources for Talking about Sex

We've been in a series at NYM called Blurred Lines, talking about what the Bible says about sex and sexuality. 

Today, our goal is to partner with you, the parent. We want to provide you with resources about how to start a conversation about sex, not how to have one conversation. It is something of a misnomer that parenting on the topic of sex is just one introductory, awkward conversation that "fixes the problem." But it's much more than that! God intends for parents to be the guiding influence over years and many conversations in regards to life, faith, sex, and everything else (Deuteronomy 6:6-8). 

So here are some starting points. Basically, we're going to rely on a few other resources and websites that have compiled these resources already. Now, admittedly, some of these will be links to websites that are for other Youth Groups, so don't be confused by the different logos or information. If you're looking for help, the pages we link to will have lots of it. However, we don't recommend you sign up for a middle school retreat taking place in Atlanta Georgia this Spring through another church's website! 

If you haven't discussed this yet with your child, it's very likely they've already gotten their own education, and formed their own opinions. It's vital that we step in and demonstrate a Biblical perspective. Below is a starting place. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask! We want to be a resource. 

A Video

This interview is 34 minutes long, but it's great for introducing you to the biggest questions, obstacles and ideas in parenting through this phase. 

A conversation with Andy Stanley on talking to your child about Sex. 

A Website

THIS website is the middle school parent resource page of NorthPoint Community Church. Their middle school ministry is called Transit. 

What you'll find on that page is a wealth of information - from videos, to practical how-to guides, to book recommendations. If you spend time sifting through that page, you'll probably find just about all you need. This page won't start the conversation for you, but it will get you set up to have the conversation well. THIS PDF is one that they give to parents as they begin having a discussion on purity (designed for those who have already started the conversation about sex in general, but it's helpful either way!). 

Please check it out! We'd love to have a page like this on our website someday, but for now, we're comfortable poaching these incredible resources from another incredible ministry! 


There are lots of good book recommendations on the website above, but here are a few others we recommend.