Purity Resources

These Could Help

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Below, you'll see a few books, websites, blogs, apps and other resources that we think could be helpful in your journey of guiding your teenager in personal purity. 

We know it's hard, and we want to help! 

Here's the thing with resources - The best resource that isn't used is worthless. A "not that great" resource that is used to it's full potential...is better than nothing! We're only recommending resources that we think are top notch but they will not be of ANY benefit to you if you don't read/engage/utilize them. 

Our recommendation? Pick ONE of the following resources and follow it's instructions COMPLETELY. You'll be glad you did. We'll categorize these a bit, and if you only pick one, pick the top resource in that category (it will be our favorite of that type). 

Don't use any of these resources without a conversation. Unguided "here, read this" instructions are not the way to address this issue. Use these resources to begin or CONTINUE the open-ended dialogue about sex. 

If you don't have regular channels for real-life conversation with your kids - START TODAY! You aren't too late (no matter how old they are). Just start, just start, just start! A life of purity will the result of hundreds of small conversations and questions. JUST START SOMEWHERE! 



  1. Parent Cue Podcast: Talking about Sex Through the Phases - This has some GREAT guiding principles about creating great dialogue with your children. It also has some great links at the bottom of the article to more resources. 
  2. Sex Isn't the Problem: Lust Is - This is a great book for framing the idea of sexuality for anyone including teens. 
  3. Accept Nothing Less - Great for addressing the details of sex and sexuality for teenagers and parents. 


  1. Finally Free - The best book we know of on pornography and gaining victory in that area. 
  2. Sexual Detox: A Guide for Guys who are Sick of Porn - Very helpful for young men. Short and punchy. 
  3. Every Young Man's Battle - It's one of the "standards" on getting into the details of purity. This book addresses topics that your son might be unaware of, but the stats say he will hear about them. Why not let him hear about them from you? If you don't inform and instruct - someone else will. 


  1. What are you waiting for? - Dannah Gresch is an author who is worth checking out. Her website is HERE and is a MUST for parents of girls - we recommend everything she's written or produced. 
  2. True Beauty - The best book we know of on modesty and image issues for girls. 
  3. And the Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity - Another Dannah Gresch book that's very helpful. 
  4. Every Young Woman's Battle - It's one of the "standards" on getting into the details of purity. This book addresses topics that your daughter might be unaware of, but the stats say she will hear about them. Why not let her hear about them from you? If you don't inform and instruct - someone else will. 
  5. Sex has a Price Tag - Best for girls who are already exploring sexual behavior. 



Probably the best resource on pornography and parenting is author/blogger Tim Challies. We'll link to quite a few of his articles. Your son/daughter needs you to read these! 

  1. 10 Articles on Pornography - A great summary of the resources Tim Challies offers. 

  2. The Porn-Free Family 

  3. The Porn-Free Family Plan 

  4. Help! My Kids are looking at Porn!  

  5. Protect Your Family with Circle (Technology Solutions)

  6. Northridge Equip.com - Pornography help


  1. Right Click: Parenting your Teenager in a Digital World


  1. Covenant Eyes - Paid Filtering/accountability service. Highly rated. 
  2. XXXChurch.com - More Filtering/accountability. Has free options. 

Let us know how else we can help!