Mea Culpa - Summer Schedule

Our Bad

We work hard to make sure you have the information you need to allow your students to fully participate in the activities we offer at NYM. This blog is an example of that sentiment - we give you lots of information so you can stay up to date. 

But we made a mistake, and we want to make sure we clarify that as soon as we can! 

Our EVENTS portion of the website has indicate that High School ROC MTN will be July 14-16th - that was a mistake! The website should've indicated that this event will be July 7-9th. We've made the correction, so it is all accurate now. 

For those "over-achiever" calendar folks, that will represent a change and we are VERY sorry about that. Below you'll see an overview of the entire summer (with double-checked dates) so you don't have to wonder any longer! 

Thanks to those parents who brought this to our attention - again, we're sorry! 

Summer Schedule

  • June 14th - Student Baptism Service (Open to all of Northridge Church)
  • June 21 - NO NYM
  • June 28 - Summer Kick-Off
  • July 7-9 - High School ROC MTN (Open to all students who are in 8-12th grade currently)
  • August 4-6 - Middle School ROC MTN (Open to all students who are in 5-8th grade currently)
  • August 6-12 - The Algonquin Wilderness Experience