Parent Cue - May 17, 2017

Parent Cue

Tonight will be a bit unique! We'll be serving Pizza and Popsicles outside to enjoy this beautiful weather... just kicking back and getting ready for Summer (trying not to stress about finals, right?)

Also, we'll announce the GIVING TOTAL from our giving project! Believe me.. your student does NOT want to miss that! 

We're Teaching This:

We'll have a 1 week message via video about HOW TO DRIFT AWAY FROM GOD.  

Wait... what?!

That's right, in this talk called BAD ADVICE we'll be discussing the BEST WAY to drift away from God - and in doing so, we think it will become obvious to everyone how we sometimes live our lives according to this kind of TERRIBLE ADVICE... just not on purpose. 

We have all probably felt closer to God at different times of our lives...but how do you keep that? What if you've lost that feeling? 

This time of year is ESPECIALLY EASY when it comes to spiritual drifting. We get comfortable with our lives, we're looking forward to summer and school is SO CLOSE to being done... it's easy to let devotion to God slide into second (or last) place. 

Our bottom line is that GOD HASN'T MOVED. If we feel distant, we need to re-evaluate how we're living, repent, embrace the gospel and turn BACK to the God who is waiting to receive us again. 

Ask This:

  1. When were you CLOSEST to God? Some time in the past? Right now? 
  2. What was true about YOU during that time? 
  3. What do you think you're doing NOW that is contributing to that distance (or that closeness) you feel with God? 
  4. What were some of the pieces of BAD ADVICE you got tonight? Which of those do you tend to accidentally listen to? 
  5. Parent: Tell about a time when you felt far from God. What did you do to change that?