Giving Project: Update

Giving Project

You might remember that, on May 3, we gave students an opportunity to generously support CompassCare as they work to erase the need for abortion by transforming women's fear into confidence. (You can read more about that HERE). 

We set the ambitious goal of $500 (which a donor would match). That $1,000 would provide care for 3 women through CompassCare's systems. 

However, our students gave WAY above and beyond that goal - You should be proud. Their generosity was an incredible of example of how it's not about how much money you have control of, it's about how much control money has over your life. 

They exemplified living sacrificially by raising $1,020. That's WITHOUT the donor match! 

This means, we will be able to provide CompassCare with a gift of $1,520 to provide services for 5 women. 

We are SO proud of your students! Make sure you applaud their generosity! It's worth celebrating!