Parent Cue - May 24, 2017

Parent Cue

Heads up! ROC MTN registration is going to be opening soon! ROC MTN is our Summer weekend retreats for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers. If you want details about those events, you can click HERE

We're Teaching This: 

W1 Squad Goals - Presentation.001.jpeg

We're kicking off a 2 week series call SQUADGOALS tonight at NYM. In this series, we'll be talking about FRIENDSHIPS and their power, how to be wise about your friends and how to influence people within relationships. 

Summer is a CRUCIAL time to be thinking about this - more free time, more time chilling with the squad...which can be a recipe for DISASTER if you're not prepared for it! 

The biblical principles we'll look at in this series will help us see how to make your squad into a #SQUADGOALS caliber crew. 

Tonight, we'll be emphasizing that your friends NOW will influence the person you'll be LATER. As many passages in the Bible describe (like Psalm 1), those who are around foolish people... reap the consequences, but those who are around wise people, reap the benefits! 

While we have to manage the tension of living on MISSION for those who don't follow Jesus and living in COMMUNITY with believers, we need to evaluate our standing in each relationship to make sure they are HELPING us grow or we are helping THEM to see Jesus. 

Bottom Line: The friends you have NOW, influence the person you'll be LATER

Ask This: 

  1. Who would you say your 5 closest or most influential friends are? 
  2. How do those 5 people do in these areas:
    1. Family relationships
    2. Effort in School
    3. Purity
    4. Respecting authority
    5. Spiritual Interest
  3. What does that say about your chances of being successful in those vital areas (and others)?
  4. What can we do TOGETHER to ensure that this summer is one when you're making the right friend choices? 
  5. Parent: Share about your closest friends during crucial times in your life. How did they shape the person you are today? If you could go back, what would you do differently in those friendships?