Parent Cue - May 3, 2017

Parent Cue


Tonight is our parent seminar on college saving with College Assistance Plus! If you want to read more about that, you can click HERE

It is NOT too late to register! Just click HERE to register. 

For those of you attending, we will meet in room 417 at the Irondequoit Campus (head toward the auditorium hallway from the lobby, this room is across the hall from the entrance to the auditorium). 

Here's What We're Teaching:

We're in week 2 of our series CHANGE - all about Money and what God's word says about it. 

Last week's emphasis was on Contentment, and we said that Contentment is the Key to Enjoyment because Jesus + Nothing = Enough. 

This week we will be focused on GENEROSITY

Many times we WANT to be generous, but we believe that we either don't have enough money, or that what we have isn't enough to make a difference. 

But as we'll discover from God's Word, we give BECAUSE God gave, and because He chooses to use that generosity to HELP PEOPLE. 

At the end of the day, when you GIVE LIKE GOD, you POINT PEOPLE TO JESUS. 

And it is God's AMAZING provision for us and the contentment that HE can bring, that drives us to generosity. 

Bottom line: Contentment unlocks Generosity. 

Ask This: 

  1. When you hear the word "generosity" WHO do you think of? Why is that? 
  2. Do you ever think of yourself as someone who could be generous? 
  3. Why do you think CONTENTMENT would unlock GENEROSITY? (Answer: Because when you know you have enough, you can give to others what you have)
  4. What's the hardest thing about being generous for you? (Generous with TIME, MONEY, TALENTS)
  5. What can WE do together to push ourselves toward generosity? 
  6. PARENT: Share a time when the generosity of others impacted you. Share about a time that YOU were able to be generous with others and how it impacted YOU.