Parent Cue - June 7, 2017


Student Baptism Service - Don't forget that NEXT WEEK at 7pm is our Student Baptism Service! We'll meet in the Auditorium at our Irondequoit Campus to celebrate 17 Students getting baptized! See you (and the family, and the friends, and the neighbors) there! 

Also, get registered for ROC MTN by clicking HERE.  Registration ends for High School ROC MTN Friday June 23. For information on High School ROC MTN click HERE

We're Teaching This:

We're doing a single talk on a series topic... our hearts. 

We all make hundreds of decisions a day. These decisions could be mundane, or significant, but they're seemingly NEVER-ENDING - we make a TON of decisions. But at the end of the day, there are really only 2 choices with any decision: Am I going to please GOD or MYSELF? 

The implications of what we choose in any given moment might not seem huge at the time... but in the YEARS to come, we find out that where you end up in the end is based on what you chose way back then

Whether we choose GOD or OURSELVES in any given moment is ALWAYS the product of what is in our hearts. So tonight, we're going to explore our hearts, and see what we really want... because we do what we do because we want what we want. 

In Middle School, we'll especially be emphasizing the importance of utilizing summer as a time to KEEP GROWING, not just coasting through these important decision-making times. 

Bottom Line: Make it the Goal of your Life to Please God

As a side note, it's Aaron Hixson's last week teaching as the Youth Pastor at NYM - and if you're wondering what's next for the leadership of NYM, you don't have to hold on much longer. We'll be giving you all of those details next week! 

Ask This:

  1. What are your goals this summer? 
  2. Specifically in a spiritual sense... what do you hope to accomplish? 
  3. How can we work together toward that goal? 
  4. Why is it EASIER to choose to please yourself NOW but harder in the END? 
  5. Parent: If you could go back and do your summers from High School or Middle School differently... what would you do differently?