Parent Cue - July 12, 2017

Parent Cue

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Tonight is week 1 of Life Sized Board Games! We are splitting up high school and middle school students this week, and we will switch them next week, so everyone gets a chance to enjoy the fun! 

For this week, HIGH SCHOOL will meet at the Irondequoit campus and hop in a church van to be shuttled over to Seneca Park (2222 Saint Paul St, right down the street from the church). We'll be playing outdoor games and will have all the students returned to the church by 8:30 pm. If it's raining, we'll call an audible and play games in the church gym! 

MIDDLE SCHOOL will be playing a few real-life, life-sized board games, like Clue and Stratego. Middle school teams will work together to try and solve the mystery.

Also, two of the interns from Northridge Church will be sharing their testimonies, one in each group. Ben Widrick will be speaking to our high school students about how he came to faith in Christ, and what God has been doing in his life since then. 

Markanthony Rizzo will be sharing with our middle school students, sharing his experience coming to faith in God and challenging middle school students to keep walking with God, even in middle school. 

Rain or sun, it's going to be a great night!