Parent Cue - July 19, 2017

Parent Cue

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Middle School ROC MTN Deadline is this Friday...

Sign up before Friday night! You can find out more information about ROC MTN and registration details below. 


This Week


We are picking up week 2 of Life Sized Board Game Night! We'll be switching up from last week so that high school students can experience the fun! 


HIGH SCHOOL will be playing human Clue & Stratego throughout the church building at our Irondequoit campus. 


MIDDLE SCHOOL will be playing some games in the gym. 


Drop off for both groups is at 6:30 pm at the Irondequoit campus. We'll play some games & hear from two more of our interns. Pickup is still at 8:30 pm.

Speaking of interns, we have two more interns that are sharing their stories this week. 

HIGH SCHOOL will be hearing from Hannah Thompson, who is our video & production intern here at Northridge. Hannah is a student leader at Liberty University responsible for mentoring college students on her hall. She loves mini Reeses cups and has a phobia of being eaten by a shark. But most importantly, she's going to be sharing her story of what God has been doing in her life and challenge our high school students to follow God no matter what. 

MIDDLE SCHOOL will be hearing from Ryan Sprague, one of our pastoral interns who's been assigned to our Webster campus. Ryan is from Cedarville University and hopes to follow God in a career in pastoral ministry. He also wears the same shirt to work every day -- you should ask him about it! Tonight he'll be sharing with our middle school students about finding their hope in Jesus. 

We are really excited for God is going to do tonight. Thanks for praying and partnering with us.