High School ROC MTN is Tomorrow!

High School ROC MTN


It's finally here...

Tomorrow we leave for our summer ROC MTN retreat. We're taking more high schoolers than ever before and we're stoked for what God is going to do. 

A few reminders: 

Student Drop Off: Friday, July 7th, 9:00am, Irondequoit Campus

Student Pick Up: Sunday, July 9th, 5:00pm, Irondequoit Campus (We'll let you know if we are running earlier or later!) 

If you haven't paid your remaining balance, you can do that by clicking HERE.

What to Bring? 

  • A Bible
  • A Notebook
  • A Pen
  • Stuff for Swimming (including a towel) and Outdoor Activities 
  • Stuff for Messy Games (Some clothes you REALLY don't care about)
  • Stuff for Sleeping (Pillows, Sleeping Bags, etc)
  • Stuff for Cleaning Up (Toiletries, Towel, etc)
  • Extra Money (1 meal on the road, snack shack at camp)
  • A Flashlight

What we're teaching:

hero - getting there2.jpg

This weekend, Graham will be walking our students through the story of Gideon in Judges 6-7, looking at how our Christian walk is a constant process of getting where God wants each one of us to be. Spiritual growth is all about taking next steps of obedience, and this week, we'll be challenging students to think about what steps they can take to draw closer to God, not only at camp, but when they return back to everyday life.

Just like Gideon, we are all on a journey in our relationship with Jesus - we're all "getting there," but thankfully God promises to complete the work he started in us when we trust in Him (Phil 1:6). Pray for Graham and our small group leaders who will be challenging students to think about what God is doing in their lives and encouraging them to respond in a way that pleases God.  

We'll be posting some updates throughout the weekend, so keep an eye on the blog and Facebook