High School ROC MTN: We're coming home!

ROC MTN 2017 wraps up today

And just like that, ROC MTN 2017 comes to a close...

We are scheduled to arrive back at the Irondequoit Campus by 5 pm, but if that changes, we will let you know on Facebook. 

We may be packing up and headed home, but not before we have one more session together. 

To wrap up our series, Graham will be sharing from Luke 10:38-42, explaining that the secret to "getting there" is to stay close to Jesus. The answer to getting where God wants us to go ultimately doesn't depend on us - it depends on God. The question is, are we willing to stay close to him? 

ROC MTN is kind of like a starter log for the "fire" of our faith, if you will. It's easy to go on a retreat and ride the "camp high," but fires don't burn very long if you just rely on your starter log. In the same way, the key to keep growing in Christ after the camp high has faded is to consistently spend time with Jesus. 

As students return from ROC MTN, we are going to be encouraging them to keep the fire burning by not focusing on the destination, but ultimately on the person of Jesus. 

Bottom Line: Getting there isn't a destination, it's a person (Jesus).