Middle School ROC MTN: Day 2

Here's Day 2!

Day 2 is going to be filled with...

  • 2 more sessions from Nate
  • Camp food
  • Capture the flag (Devin edition)
  • Hanging out

What Nate is teaching today: 

Session 1

In session one, this morning, we'll see how Gideon received a challenge from God, but he couldn't get to where God wanted him to be unless he was willing to take action. Fear, doubt, worry, popularity, friends, relationships, and other things can all keep us from obeying God, but we're going to see how growing in Christ requires obedience - even when that obedience is tough. 

Bottom Line: Getting there requires obedience. 


Session 2

Later tonight, session three will wrap up the story of Gideon and look at how our journeys as believers are constantly in-process. Sanctification (spiritual growth) is a process that requires obedience and faith. Gideon didn't accomplish what God told him to do through his own might, but through a process of saying yes to God, and in that, God supplied the grace to give Gideon victory. 

Bottom Line: Getting there is a process of faith.

Our plan for departure:

Our goal is to be back at the Irondequoit campus for pick up at 5pm. We'll let you know if our schedule changes! 

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