Parent Cue - September 27, 2017

Parent Cue


This week we are continuing into week 2 of our series called "We Are NYM"...

We're Teaching This:

This week we will continue our series "We Are NYM". This series is designed to walk students through our five values and show why we do what we do every week. Tonight Justin and Nate will be speaking on the value of Community. If you've been at Northridge for some time, you may have heard us say things like: "Circles are better than rows" or "Life is better connected". At NYM, we value the same thing! We value the truth that no one is meant to live alone. In fact, we were designed to connect relationally! With that said, we want to create a culture in our student ministry where students feel like they belong even before they believe. Small groups are designed for this very reason. We believe that one of the best ways for a student to know God is to connect them with someone who knows God. This is why we have over 30 amazing small group leaders who are pouring into your students week in and week out. As Justin and Nate speak on this value, our hope is that your students would walk away understanding the necessity for relationships in our lives. 

The Bottom Line: We don't do life alone.

Ask This:

1) Why do you think we need people in our life?
2) When do you find yourself trying to "go it alone"? Why do you do this?
3) What do you look for in a friend? Why?
4) Have you ever felt like you don't fit in? How has that made you feel?
5) Is there anyone you can think of that has come to NYM that doesn't feel like they fit in?
6) How can YOU be the one to make that person feel like they belong next Wednesday?


The Wkend Retreat is NEXT WEEKEND!! 

We're so excited to go on this retreat! We are expecting God to do BIG things in the lives of your students. We're asking for you to continue praying with us as we work through logistics and continue to prep for our sessions and activities throughout the weekend. We'll send out a reminder blog next week with what time you will need to drop-off/pick-up your student at the Irondequoit campus on Friday and Monday. 

Also: The Compassion Experience is coming to Northridge Church next weekend (October 6-9), click HERE to get more information on how you can experience this with your students before we leave for the Wkend retreat!

Save the date...

BYOP (Bring Your Own Parent) is coming up! Mark your calendars on October 11 to attend our program night with your students! This is a time for you to see what we do on a regular Wednesday night, meet your students' small group leaders, and get to know us a little bit better. Be on the lookout for a blog with more detailed information!