An Announcement: Pizza This Fall

Pizza is Back this Fall! 

With the return of regular Wednesday night programming comes the return of pizza on Wednesday nights. We as a ministry made the switch to serving pizza on Wednesday nights a few years ago, and plan to keep on serving it this year.

Have you ever wondered why we serve pizza on Wednesday nights? And EVERY Wednesday night? Is NYM just about eating pizza & playing games? 

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Pizza & The Gospel? 

We've found out that serving pizza provides an opportunity serve two groups of people: 

  1. The new student - For a new student coming to visit NYM, there's something special about being welcomed in to have free pizza and soda. Our goal is for students to be able to use this "hang out" time at the beginning of the night, not just to have fun and eat pizza, but to connect with other students and help new students feel welcome. As we are encouraging our students to live Pi2, knowing that they can bring their friend with them to youth group for pizza makes for an easy invite opportunity. Nothing brings people together like food! 
  2. The parent - At NYM, we want to partner with parents to help inspire faith in the next generation. Serving pizza on a Wednesday night can help a family by knowing they can drop their student off on Wednesday nights and not have to worry if they're being fed. On nights that we don't have pizza, we will always let you know in advance.

Our vision is to see more students become more like Jesus, and serving pizza is just one of the tools we use in accomplishing that mission!