Today is Middle School Snow Camp



The day has finally come! We'll see you at 5:30 pm at the Irondequoit Campus. (Note: if you haven't seen the latest updates on Snow Camp, please view our last blog HERE)

 A few additional details: 

  • Just like we planned, there will be snow games, so make sure to bring Snow Gear! 
  • You'll want to bring a sleeping bag
  • Pickup: We'll communicate more about this over the weekend, but the plan is to return all students to the Irondequoit Campus, near the end of second service. 
    • We recognize there are a large group of families coming from other campuses, so don't feel any pressure to leave service early. We will be playing games in the gym until parents are able to pick students up. 
    • Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates about pickup over the weekend

Lastly, we've attached a copy of the schedule so you can see what we are up to! 

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 3.57.29 PM.png


We'd love it if throughout the day, you'd stop and pray for the different events that are going on...

  • For main sessions, that our communicators would present the messages clearly
  • For small groups time, that students would share openly and apply what the Bible says to their lives
  • For small group leaders, that they would be able to connect with students and point them towards a next step
  • For fun activities, that these would be moments that relationships would be formed and memories could be shared together! 

Thanks for partnering with us to see More Students More Like Jesus.