Resources on Race & the Gospel

Resources for Parents


As with everything we do as a ministry, we want to partner with parents and give you resources to have conversations as a family that will help disciple your students and shape their faith.

We mentioned in our last post that our upcoming series How to Neighbor will be addressing the topic of racial reconciliation from a biblical perspective - but what is racial reconciliation?

Is this just a political topic? 

What does the Bible say about race, racism, and reconciliation? 

How should we view this as Christ-followers? 

What is our responsibility as followers of Jesus? 

While we can't answer all of these questions, we can recommend some resources that can help you learn more and be equipped have some gospel-centered conversations in your home. 

We want to be a resource to you for viewing difficult topics from a biblical worldview so that we can partner together to see more students more like Jesus. 

What other resources have you found helpful for addressing racial reconciliation with students?