Parent Cue - 10.3.18



TONIGHT, we conclude our HOW TO BE AWESOME series!!! It has been amazing the last two weeks, having meaningful discussions with your students about what being awesome at life looks like from God’s perspective. We hope that tonight is no different!!

As we dive into Matthew 28:19-20, Graham will challenge your students to INVITE OTHERS ON THE JOURNEY! Using Jesus as the example and taking His challenge to heart, we will see that Jesus hasn’t called us to hog the awesome life He came to give us (both on earth and for eternity). He has called us to share that life with the whole world.

BOTTOMLINE: Jesus tells US to tell the whole world about Him, His story, and the life He offers.

We are praying that your students will change the world as they become MORE like Jesus!!


It is IMPERATIVE that we have medical forms for your students for our upcoming retreat. Please complete BOTH the NYM Medical Form and the Saranac Village Medical Form before you drop your student off October 5th. If you aren’t sure if you have completed a form, TONIGHT we will be sending home paper copies for you to fill out and turn in on FRIDAY when you drop your student off. BUT you can still find and fill out the forms if you click the buttons below!!!!