Parent Cue - 11.14.18



Last week we unpacked the danger that comes with gossip. Graham left us with the simple truth that gossip claims, “I am strong because they are weak,” while the Gospel proclaims, “I am weak, but HE is strong.”

While it may be a lesson that we’ve heard a plethora of times, it was an amazing reminder and left us with a challenge for the week.

TONIGHT we learn that Jesus is ABSOLUTE truth and that Satan is the complete opposite- he is the creator of lies. As people that follow Jesus or want to, it is important to know the devil’s plan when it comes to lying, so that we can fight against it.

Graham and Joe will also remind us that while the devil is a LIAR and all he does is accuse us. Jesus is the TRUTH. All He wants to do is FREE us!

BOTTOM LINE: We confess to God for forgiveness and to people for healing.


  1. How do you think God feels about lying ?

  2. What are the devils goals when it comes to lying?

  3. Why do we sometimes believe lies work better than the truth?

  4. What is the hardest part about confession?

  5. What is one way you can practice being truthful this week?

We are praying that your students are challenged and encouraged this week!