In 2019, I Resolve To...

New Year, New Opportunities!

Every New Year, we sit down and figure out what we want to accomplish within the next 365 days.

“I resolve to… eat better.”

“I resolve to… read God’s Word on a regular basis.”

“I resolve to… listen more.”

“I resolve to… speak less.”

What if, in 2019, you resolved to learn the seemingly foreign language of your teenager? (I know… it sounds crazy!)

At NYM, one of our House Rules is to partner with parents. With that said, anytime we find resources that can help you better live out your God-given calling of raising your kids toward knowing and loving God more, we want to send them your way!

At NYM, we’ve been blessed by an organization called Axis. Axis exists to influence the next generation of Christ followers to know what they believe and why. The way in which they do that is through the influence of parents (like YOU!). Axis is currently doing a special called, “Axis 12 Days of Christmas”, where they are giving away FREE resources to help parents better understand their teen’s world in order to continue point them to Jesus. Today’s special is a Teen Culture Masterclass that helps parents push for Spiritual Formation through Culture Translation.

We hope this blesses you and your family as you seek to push your student to be more like Jesus so he/she can radically change the world through Him!