Parent Cue - 12.5.18



Last Wednesday we were challenged to be generous this season by asking ourselves specific questions. 

  1. Is it intentional

  2. Is it meaningful

  3. Does it communicate love?

We learned that TRUE GENEROSITY, brings joy, it is contagious and connects us with the heart of God.  

TONIGHT we jump into week two of our THIS CHRISTMAS series with the focus on examining our hearts. We will ask your students to think about what's going on the inside, by challenging them to ask themselves: "this Christmas, how’s my heart? Is it focused on me, or am I considering others? Am I angry and impatient, or am I being gentle and kind? Am I anxious and worried, or at peace?" Sometimes it’s difficult for us to really know what’s going on in our own hearts. Sometimes we need someone to shine a light on the dark places inside us. There’s no one better to do that than the Holy Spirit. 

BOTTOM LINE: What’s inside matters more than what’s on the outside. 


  1. Why is it hard to look inside the hearts of others?

  2. Who is one person you want to get to know better?

  3. What ways do you need to examine your own heart?

  4. How are you planning to make the changes?

Be praying that God will work in the hearts of your students and their friends during the season!