High School Snow Camp Day 2

We survived the Polar Plunge!!!


We made it, parents! Had an awesome first night of worship, talk, and small groups. The Gospel was presented to our students and they were challenged to take that step of following Christ if they had not taken that step before. We're excited to see the fruit that comes from these talks throughout the weekend.

This morning, we're kicking off with guy/girl-specific activities before the groups dive into the Word. We've got things like basketball, hockey, volleyball, dodgeball, and cardboard sled racing on the docket for the day. We've got a great session coming up tonight with real-life testimonies and videos that show that the Bible is still relevant for youth today and worth applying to their everyday lives.

Pray with us:

Joe Ferrante, our Middle School Director, always challenges us to look for the "in-between" times. The "in-between" times are those times when you're playing a game, eating lunch, or walking to the next activity and God opens up a door for intentional Gospel-conversations. Pray for your student's Small Group Leader. Pray that they would recognize those divine "in-between" moments that God gives to challenge students to take their next steps in faith.