Parent Cue - February 27, 2018

Parent Cue

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We're Teaching This:

Tonight we'll be kicking off our series entitled, Gray: a Biblical Perspective on Sex and Dating. We'll be tacking the topic of Sexual Identity and God's original design for Sex and Sexuality. We're going to be discussing the importance and practical side of what sex was designed to be, and how we can pursue purity as an individual.

We want students to change their minds from asking "What's normal?" or "How Far is too Far?" to "What pleases God?" and "What's Wise?" 

Bottom Line: Purity Paves the Way to Intimacy.

Ask This:

  1. What are some of the viewpoints you hear when your friends talk about Sex and Sexuality at school?
  2. What is God's design for sex and sexuality? Do you agree with it? Why or why not?
  3. How do you manage the tension of relating with and loving your friends who think differently than you while still maintaining a biblical standard about sex and sexuality?
  4. Why does it benefit us to express sex and sexuality only through God's original design?
  5. What are the consequences of expressing our sex and sexuality through the lust of our flesh?
  6. How can you walk in purity this week?

An Encouraging Story:

As most of you know, this can be an incredibly tense/awkward subject in the life of a teen. Especially when this type of conversation happens between a teen and their parents. We are praying for God's wisdom and discernment as you navigate and shepherd through these conversations. I can recall an incredibly impactful moment in my teen years where my Mom and Dad called purity out of me in an inspiring way through a gift on my 14th birthday.

My Mom and Dad called me downstairs to have "a talk." Oh boy... what's about to happen? I leisurely make my way downstairs to find both of my parents sitting in our living room eagerly awaiting this conversation--YIKES! However, What preceded to happen next would inspire the pursuit of purity in my life in a way that I will never forget.

My Dad started to tell me about God's design for sex, and how sex was an AMAZING gift from God that was meant to be FULLY enjoyed for His glory. He and my Mom shared with me their desire to see me walk in Purity until the day that God gives me the woman I was meant to marry. They concluded this conversation by gifting me with a chain necklace that had my initials and birthday engraved on the back of a shield. This shield was meant to signify my commitment to the woman that I had not yet met whom God would give me years later. They challenged me to stay true to God's design for sex so that one day, on my wedding night, I would be able to gift this shield to the woman whom God would give me, look her in the eyes and say to her, "I waited for you. Here is the promise that I kept through God's grace, for you.

Years later, I rejoice in the fact that I was able to gift that to my beautiful wife, Jess, on the night of our wedding and say with confidence, "I waited for you." Now there are still many things that I did that did not honor God and pursue purity throughout my life that I wish I would have taken more serious. My pursuit for purity really became a pursuit for abstinence, and that's a dangerous place to be. However, I do thank my parents for calling out of me something that I didn't fully grasp until my wedding day. 

Now why in the world do I share that story? I share that story to say that the very conversations that might seem most dreadful, just might be the conversation that inspires YOUR student to pursue a lifelong goal of honoring God through purity. Maybe you don't get your student a chained necklace with a shield, or a purity ring, or a chastity belt (okay, maybe no one's gotten a chastity belt since King Henry VIII)... But maybe you do have that conversation that you've been praying for. The conversation where God opens up the opportunity to inspire your student to follow Him no matter what the world says about Sex and Sexuality. We're praying with you, and we really believe that YOU are the real super heros! We're excited to see what God is going to do!