Parent Cue - March 21, 2018

Parent Cue

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We're Teaching This:

Tonight, we'll be bringing our series to a close as we give students practical wisdom from God's Word on how to fight for purity in a world that says otherwise. Often times, students can be tempted to ask the question, "What's normal?" when it comes to the area of sex and sexuality. Although that's a fair question, it's not enough. In fact, it can lead down a path of destruction. 

So what do we do when Normal isn't working? 

We'll be diving into the story of Joseph in Genesis 39 and seeing that Joseph wasn't asking what's normal, he was seeking to please God.

Bottom Line: Instead of asking, "What's normal?" we can ask "What pleases God?"

Ask This:

  1. Which is the harder question to answer in your daily life: "What's normal?" or "What's pleases God?" Why?
  2. The problem with asking what's normal is that normal shifts with culture. If normal is always shifting, where does following cultural norms lead you?
  3. Why should we ask what pleases God?
  4. In what area of your life do you find yourself submitting to the norms of culture?
  5. How can you fight those submissions with thinking about what is pleasing to God?
  6. Who do you have in your life that can hold you accountable to pleasing God instead of following the norms of culture?

Reminder For a Parent Event Tonight:

To close out our series on sex and sexuality, we've got an amazing opportunity to hear from Andy Woodall (our pastor of counseling) and his wife Julie as they share their story about raising teenagers, especially as it relates to sexuality. (Andy and Julie have a college sophomore, 12th grader, 10th grader and 6th grader). They will share their lessons learned, insights from God's Word and will take an opportunity to answer your questions. 

If you'd like to ask questions, hear what your students are asking AND chat with a couple that has lead through this tough topic, we'd love to have you join us tonight from 6:45 - 7:45. This is your last chance to RSVP below & ask your questions! Coffee and snacks will be provided!!