Parent Cue - May 30, 2018

Parent Cue

We're Teaching This:

Tonight we're wrapping up our series called Essentials focusing on Galatians 6. Paul is encouraging the believers to carry each other's burdens and to continue doing good to and for all people. 

Last week we saw that it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. This week we're going to be looking at the idea of getting "unstuck" from bad habits - more specifically - sins that we find ourselves fighting continually. We're pumped to see how God is going to move through your students! 

Bottom Line: Take A Step 


  1. What does it mean to be stuck?
  2. What are some areas where you might be stuck?
  3. What can be your first small step to get unstuck?
  4. Who in your life can you help get "unstuck"
  5. How can I help with your first steps?