Parent Cue - July 25th, 2018

Here's What's Happening...


TONIGHT is our first ever CREW NIGHT!!! Earlier this summer we told you what Crew Nights were about - a night where we provide an opportunity for students to connect relationally around biblical truth using video content as well as small group-esque activities. 

We will begin the night at 6:30 spending time hanging out and giving your students instructions about what to expect from Crew nights. Then we'll be spilt off into 4 groups- 6th graders, 7&8th graders, 9&10th graders, and 11&12th graders- to watch and discuss the video content, Better Than One.

The 4-part series, Better Than One, taught by pastor Dhati Lewis unpacks true biblical friendship. He teaches students how God created us to need people and challenges students to choose godly friends. This study will empower teens to build solid friendships, to show kindness to nonbelievers, and to be good friends.

We'll end the night with POPtart Nation (really just poptarts), milk and a group game. 

Pray that your students and their friends will leave challenged and encouraged to go deeper with their friendships and become more like Jesus in the process.