Just wanted to remind you that drop-off is 9 am today @ IRO Campus and if you still have to complete your students payment you can do it here.

We are so excited to that you have partnered with us to encourage growth and transformation in the life of your student. Below is a run down of what your student will be learning during our session tonight!

We look forward to seeing you soon!! 

Session 1:

This weekend, we have the opportunity to hear from our very own Director of Kids Ministry (& Social Media Coordinator), Mike Weston. We're so blessed to have him walk through a series with your students called Thanks For Sharing. This series is all about how God uses people to reach people through sharing their stuff, the Gospel, and their stories. Here's a look at what session one will be like:

Looking at the church in Acts, MIke will expound on this simple truth: sharing is hard but each of us needs to take the time and ask God to show us how we prioritize stuff over people and to ask him to give us opportunities to prioritize people over stuff. In Acts 4:36-37, we meet Barnabas who was known as an encourager because he prioritized people which allowed him to be the encouragement people were searching for.

BOTTOM LINE: In order to show others you BELIEVE what Jesus says, you need to DO what Jesus says; you should meet needs.