Parent Cue - August 15th, 2018



Last week at the beach was INCREDIBLE!!! We had 18 new students come out and we believe it is because of your dedication to seeing more students become more like Jesus. Thank you for encouraging your students to invite their friends. 


Tonight we'll continue with our BETTER THAN ONE series. At the end of Part 2, we learned that: 

  1. It doesn't matter the age, hard times WILL come so it matters who is in your corner
  2. Community is stronger than the individual - FIGHT against isolation
  3. Quality friendships provide protection, support, comfort, and strength

In part 3 of our series, we'll learn that there is wisdom is choosing good friends, while also learning how to make friends with non-believers - without compromising- for the sake of the gospel! 

Pray that your student is challenged and encouraged to follow Jesus' example of pursuing friendships for the sake of the gospel.