Parent Cue - August 22nd, 2018



TONIGHT is our last CREW NIGHT for the summer. Our prayer is that your students have been challenged and encouraged to pursue friendships that provide comfort, strength, and support in times of need. 

Last Weeks TAKEAWAYS : 

  1. Never assume that just because certain groups of people are more accessible, that they are meant to be or even need to be your best friends. 
  2.  Choosing good friends is NOT an excuse to ever be UNKIND, SELFISH, EXCLUSIVE or JUDGEMENTAL! Jesus gives NO GROUNDS for unkind behavior towards people that are different than we are. 
  3. Jesus is the ULTIMATE example of engaging with outcasts and rebels FOR THE SAKE of love and salvation that can ONLY be found in Christ. 

We will end our series tonight by learning 4 habits WE can develop to become the kind of friends we want to find in others. 

CHALLENGE: Pray and encourage your students to make friends WITHOUT compromising their faith.