Reminder for next week and a Serving Opportunity for this year!

Quick Reminder

There will be NO NYM next week. We take that time to meet with all of our INCREDIBLE volunteers to inspire and encourage them as we jump into another awesome year of ministry. We will resume business, as usual, the FOLLOWING week on September 12th for our Fall Kickoff from 6:30-8:30 PM at our Irondequoit campus!

Does your student have friends he or she has been wanting to invite to NYM but hasn't known when to ask them? Fall Kickoff is a PERFECT opportunity to make that ask! We're beyond thrilled to jump into another program year as we strive to see More Students become More like Jesus so they can radically change their world through Him!

Serving Opportunity!

Partnering with Parents

We couldn't do what we do at NYM without families that are invested in our ministry. You take your kids to events, you make sure they get registered, and you help drive our lessons home by reading and discussing our Parent Cue week after week. Thank you for partnering with us to help us fulfill the vision of seeing more students become more like Jesus! 

We wanted to let you know about a serving opportunity available for parents this year. Essentially we are saying:

PARENTS, we need YOUR help! 

Every week, our small group leaders (SGLs) volunteer time out of their weeks to spend a couple of hours mentoring your students at NYM. Because some of them have young children, this can get a little bit tricky. We try to alleviate some of this pressure by offering childcare on Wednesday nights from 6:15 pm - 8:30 pm here at our Irondequoit campus, during NYM Program.

By offering this service, it frees our SGLs up to be focused on serving students and being 100% invested, while knowing that their kids are being taken care of for that time on Wednesday nights. 

If you LOVE taking care of young children (i.e. 5-8 kids, ages 0-6), have a background check on file at Northridge (or are willing to do so), and can serve on a Wednesday night, we would love your help!

Any amount of time is helpful - some of our volunteers serve every week, some once a month, and some a few times a semester. ALL of them are extremely helpful to us! We schedule all our volunteers on a calendar and will send reminder emails the weeks you are scheduled to help serve! 

If you're interested in serving in this way, you can email Liberti Todd at or fill out THIS FORM to let us know you're looking to serve. We would be very grateful! 

Thanks for partnering with us! We can't wait to kick off the Fall on September 12 with your students!