Details To Help You Win This Wednesday at Beach Night!

Beach Night Details

Summer Nights have been INCREDIBLE this year! 

Last Wednesday marked the Wednesday in the Summer that we normally start to see a downward trend in attendance for our Summer Nights Programming as people prepare for the Fall. Through prayer and experimenting with Crew Nights, we saw 141 students come out to NYM this past Wednesday!!! God has blessed us to be able to see a massive boost in momentum in a time where, traditionally, we begin to lose momentum in the Summer. With that said, we're incredibly excited to see what God is going to do throughout the rest of these Summer Nights that will help us launch with great strength in the Fall. 

Our upcoming Summer Night at Charlotte Beach (THIS WEDNESDAY (7/8/18) can't come soon enough! Because of the momentum that Crew Nights have brought, we think that this could be a HUGE night for our ministry as we strive to see More Students become More like Jesus so they can radically change their world through Him.

Check out the video below from our Program Director, Devin Graf, to get more information and details about what our beach night will look like and what to expect!

We can't wait to see you guys this Wednesday at Charlotte Beach to have a blast with your students!