Registration For The Wkend: ENDS SEPTEMBER 23RD!!!

The Wkend 2018

We are just under 3 weeks away from our Fall retreat: The Wkend! Now, before we go any further, why should you register your student to go OR encourage a parent that you know to register their student to go? A couple of reasons:

  1. We have found that the Wkend retreat forms and shapes the spiritually valuable relationships that propel students towards Christ that carries throughout the entire year.

  2. The camp that we go to, Saranac Village, is INCREDIBLE. Your student will have top of the line food, lodging, and activities to create a lasting experience that will propel them towards Christ.

  3. We have the incredible opportunity to hear from Shawn Naylor, a guy that is passionate about Jesus and Students.

  4. Knowing that your students are out of the house in a safe place surrounded by other students and incredible leaders who seek to invest in their spiritual lives can create a restful and meaningful weekend for you to invest relationally in yourself, your marriage, and/or your family! AND… let’s be honest, it quiets things down a little bit, eh? ;)

  5. One of our values in our Student Ministry is Invite, and what we say with that is that We are ALL missionaries. That value and statement don’t stop with our students. It challenges our staff and parents to live that value out as well! Who is a parent that you work with or do life with, that you’ve been praying for them or their family? Who have you been wanting to see take Next Steps? YOU can be the bridge that connects them to this faith community through their students! When we talk about seeing More Students becoming More like Jesus to radically change their world through Him, we can’t do it alone! You guys are partnering with us to make this thing happen and we NEED you!

Now, onto the logistics… What do you need to do before September 23rd?

  1. Find out more information about The Wkend 2018 HERE.

  2. Register your student for The Wkend 2018 HERE.

  3. Fill out a Medical form for both NYM AND Saranac Village:

    1. NYM Medical Form

    2. Saranac Village Medical Form

  4. Start hyping your students up because it’s going to be EPIC and they’re not going to want to miss it!

We can’t wait to see how God uses you guys as you register your student and invite other parents to do the same!