I know that yesterday we said that SNOW CAMP 2019 was finally here, but TODAY IS ACTUALLY THE DAY ! We can’t wait to see your students tonight and get this weekend started.


Tonight is the first night, so it will be pretty low key—but still exciting. You’ll drop your students off at their host homes (see list HERE) at 6:30PM, they will check in with their small group leaders and then our AMAZING travel team will make sure your students get to the church by 7:00 PM. Once they get to the church, they get to connect with their friends, sit through SESSION #1 and then head back to host homes for some discussion.


TONIGHT, Graham will take us through Hebrews 11 focusing on creation, the fall and redemption. Looking at the models of faith in this chapter, he will walk us through THE BIGGER PICTURE - the story of faith from the beginning of time to where we are now. Graham will remind us that no matter where we are in a walk, we are apart of a faith story. He will challenge us to look at our lives and ask the question — “what do we put our faith in?”

BOTTOM LINE: Jesus is the truest representation of everything you could never be—He is God.


Pray that students are receptive to Christ and that this weekend will help them walk towards full maturity in HIM!