Parent Cue 2.20.19


phillipians series .png

Last week, although it was packed, was AMAZING! As we wind down and evaluate SNOW CAMP 2019, we hope that your students were encouraged, challenged and excited for next year!

Tonight we jump back into our Philippians study! Chapter 3 will focus on Jesus being our true and ultimate prize. Graham and Joe will challenge us to make Jesus our ultimate hope and desire. They will remind us to be who God has called us to be, in light of Jesus’ grace!

BOTTOM LINE: Everything - Jesus = Nothing. Jesus + Nothing = Everything.


  1. What is the importance of having the mind of Christ?

  2. How do you want to make Jesus everything in your life?

  3. What distractions keep you from running towards Christ with your life?

  4. Who are you looking to this week?