Parent Cue 3.6.19


Last week we were challenged and encouraged to THINK ABOUT THE RIGHT THINGS. Although easier said than done, we received encouragement and guidance from Paul on how to pray with THANKSGIVING.  

Tonight we conclude our study in the book of Philippians. Focusing on application, Joe and Graham will push us to really put God first in our lives. By living lives of contentment, joy, and generosity we embody the character of Christ and offer God true worship.

Our hope and prayer is that your students not only leave with a better understanding of this book, but that they are also challenged to study scripture and apply what they’ve learned to their lives.



  1. What aspect of studying scripture will be the most challenging for you?

  2. What aspect of studying scripture are you the most excited about?

  3. How are you planning so show generosity this week?

  4. Which friends do you want to extend an invite to?