Parent Cue 4.24.19



Last Week, following the natural progression of a Christ follower, Joe and Graham focused on GIVING. Teaching us that once we come to know Christ and we’ve gone public with our faith through baptism, we want to follow Christ’s example in giving all that we have for the sake of the gospel.

TONIGHT, we wrap up our LEVEL UP series with a challenge - GO. Unpacking Mark 2:1-12 Graham and Joe will help us see that the good news isn't something we should keep to ourselves. We are called to live spent lives for the sake of Christ! 


  1. Looking at your life, what area do you want to level up in?

  2. What are some ways I can hold you accountable with leveling up?

  3. What area of your life can you be more intentional about following Christ’s example - this week?

  4. Do you have 1 that friend you want share the gospel with this week?