Parent 5.22.19



Last Week, our Untouchables lesson was about Jesus valuing the outcast. Zach and Alvonta walked us through the book of Mark, looking specifically at the life and circumstance surrounding the woman with the issue of blood. We were challenged to look at and love people regardless of their situations - because that's what Jesus did for us. 

TONIGHT , we jump into THE UNTOUCHABLES part 3. Graham and Joe will focus on how too often, we respond with condemnation to people we believe to be sinners. We hate that they’re choosing to live a certain way. We might even hate it because it’s a sin we’ve been tempted by in the past. Whatever the reason, we often want to see them punished. Thankfully, Jesus did the opposite. Over and over again, Jesus didn’t punish sinful people. He restored them.

BOTTOMLINE : Jesus restored the sinful. 


  1. Talk about a time someone tricked (or tried to trick) you. 

  2. Be honest. Have you ever found enjoyment in someone else’s shame or downfall? Why do you think we do that? 

  3.  Like the woman in this story, have you ever done something sinful that would bring you shame it if were made public? Why do you think we sin, despite the risks?  

  4. Let’s make a plan for how we can respond next time we’re tempted to condemn someone for their sin. How can we learn to respond with grace instead of judgment?