Parent Cue 5.29.19



Last Week we continued our series The Untouchables. This week was Joe’s first week back so we got to hear from him in middle school, and our new NYM intern Evan Woodall in high school as they took a look at John 8:1-11. We saw how Jesus restored sinners in the story of the adulterous woman, and we were challenged to fight self-righteousness in our own lives - to live a life changed by the forgiveness of Jesus.

TONIGHT, Graham and Joe will be wrapping up our Untouchables series looking at Luke 22:47 - 23:43. We will be discussing Jesus’ interaction with the criminals next to him on the cross and how we share one big thing in common with them: we are all sinners. Our sins create a gap between us and God that we can’t cross without His grace, mercy, and forgiveness - our sin makes us untouchable to God. But this incredible gift, the sacrifice of Jesus’ own life, was the ultimate demonstration of God’s great grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

BOTTOM LINE: Jesus Forgives the Unforgivable


  1. Why would Jesus forgive the most unforgivable people?

  2. Why do you think Jesus’ message of love, mercy, and forgiveness made so many people so angry?

  3. What was the difference between the two criminals in the story? Which one do you identify with more?

  4. What do you think it takes to receive God’s forgiveness?

  5. How can trusting that we’ve been forgiven change us for the better?