ROC MTN 2019 Details!


Middle School Roc MTN is this weekend and we are so excited! In this blog you will find details about where to be, what to bring, and what we’re going to learn this weekend! Just a reminder - Middle School registration is closed, but High School registration is extended until this Friday. Click the link below to register!

Things to know

  1. Student Drop-Off: Friday June 28th, 9:00 AM @ Northridge Irondequoit

  2. Student Pick-Up: Sunday, June 30th, 5:00 PM @ Northridge Irondequoit (If anything changes we'll let you know)

  3. If you still need to pay your remaining balance you can pay HERE

What to bring

  1. A Bible

  2. A Notebook

  3. A Pen

  4. Stuff for Swimming (including a towel) and Outdoor Activities

  5. Stuff for Messy Games (Some clothes you REALLY don't care about)

  6. Stuff for Sleeping (Pillows, Sleeping Bags, etc)

  7. Stuff for Cleaning Up (Toiletries, Towel, etc)

  8. Extra Money (1 meal on the road to ROC MTN, snack shack at camp)

  9. A Flashlight

What we’re teaching


This weekend we are going to listen to Zach Laskowski as he teaches us about Prayer. Zach is going to be looking at what the Bible has to say about prayer, and how prayer causes change. Prayer causes change in the world, it causes change in our hearts, and it causes change in our lives. Our hope is for students to grow in their relationships with Jesus this weekend, specifically in the area of prayer. We are very excited to spend this weekend learning and praying together! We would appreciate prayers for the weekend!

Keep an eye on the blog over the weekend, we will be sending out updates daily!