It’s Here!


Just wanted to remind you that drop-off is 9am today @ IRO Campus and if you still have to complete your students payment you can do it here.

We are so excited to that you have partnered with us to encourage growth and transformation in the life of your student. Below is a run down of what your student will be learning during our session tonight!

We look forward to seeing you soon!!

Session 1


Tonight we will be hearing from Evan Woodall as he Introduces the topic of prayer. Evan will be looking at many passages throughout scripture to teach us that God wants to have a relationship with us, and he wants to do it through prayer. Evan will break down one of our common misconceptions about prayer - we think that prayer starts with us and ends with God, but we see that the Bible teaches us that prayer starts with God and ends with God. God pursues a relationship with us first and prayer is our response.