Parent Cue 6.5.19



Last Week Graham and Joe wrapped our series, The Untouchables, by taking a look at Luke 22:47-23:43. We heard about the criminals on the cross and looked at the difference between their responses to Jesus. We learned that the only correct response to Jesus is worship and humility, and we were prompted to ask ourselves: “how am I responding to Jesus?”

Tonight our program looks a little bit different. Tonight is move up night, which means that we will be passing the baton of leadership from seniors to juniors in hight school, and from 8th graders to 7th graders in middle school. We will also be celebrating our 8th graders as they move up into high school youth group, and our seniors as they transition into small groups! We will have a number of our young adult small group leaders with us to get to know our seniors and help them make a smooth transition. Tonight will be a fun time of celebrating this school year as well as setting the tone for a strong start to the summer!


  1. What has been your favorite part of NYM this year?

  2. How are you going to start this summer off strong in your relationship with Jesus?

  3. For seniors: Which small group are you going to join?