Parent Cue 7.24.19


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Tonight is Crew 3, and we will be continuing in our series Real Life. Tonight we will be talking about the topic of Real Love. We will be taking a look at the book of Philippians, and the way that Paul calls the people in the Church to love each other. We can love people that are hard to love because Jesus demonstrated perfect love to us first. When we see how Jesus loved, it can help us love the people around us.

Bottom Line: Real Love is Demonstrated by Jesus on the Cross

Ask This

  1. Who is someone in your life right now who is hard to love?

  2. If love is costly, what would it cost you to love that person?

  3. How does knowing that Jesus died for us help us love people better?

  4. How can we love people like Jesus loves them?

NEXT WEEK: Beach Night!

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Next Wednesday (7.31.19) NYM will be taking over the Charlotte beach! Meet us there at 6:30 for games, snacks, and more!